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6.0.3 - Apr 10, 2022:

SUMMARY: Patch fixes on rendering and text inside math

  • NEW: \text and support for text mode inside math
  • NEW: Optional config toggle to disable centering in math block
  • CHANGE: Pair delimiter symbol type will be overrided for consistent spacing
  • FIX: Fraction line not displayed on initial render
  • FIX: Better detection between minus and negative sign
  • FIX: Set math functions type as punctuation (for better spacing)
  • FIX: Better complex root height by manual calibration
  • FIX: Complex root size too big when inside a fraction
  • FIX: Removed unnecessary additional height on inlined display math block
  • FIX: Removed unnecessary fraction clearance inside nested fraction
  • FIX: Equalized superscript offset by line median

6.0.2 - Mar 1, 2022:

SUMMARY: Patch fixes and new input system integration

  • NEW: Support for new Input System in TEXLink
  • NEW: Support for non alpha-only sprite
  • NEW: \ulink for link with underlines
  • NEW: TEXLink interaction padding
  • NEW: Negative thin space command (!)
  • FIX: Improper masking for TEXDraw UI at startup
  • FIX: Swapped medium and thick space values
  • FIX: Math mode reverted with usage of some commands

6.0.1 - Jan 8, 2022:

SUMMARY: Patch fixes and new editor feature

  • NEW: Dedicated LaTeX Editor Window
  • NEW: Special code for converting Unicode scripts
  • NEW: Added medium and thick blank space command
  • NEW: Added separate tabular padding width for matrices
  • NEW: Support for multi atlas in TMP dynamic rendering
  • CHANGE: ScrollArea attribute is now hidden from inspector
  • FIX: Handle a blank space inside limsup & liminf
  • FIX: tabular interpreter is messed up with scripts
  • FIX: Set matrix alignment back to center
  • FIX: Delimited matrix is not vertically aligned correctly
  • FIX: Superscript margin set too low
  • FIX: Importing progress bar display

6.0 - Jan 02, 2022:

SUMMARY: Big Stability while Getting Closer to LaTeX

  • NEW: Add new scene samples
  • NEW: Support for TMP dynamic rendering
  • NEW: \justifying to enable justify alignment
  • NEW: TEXEmbed Component for embedding a UI inside TEXDraw flow
  • NEW: “array” environment for inline tables/stacked math
  • NEW: Ability for proper indenting in itemize and enumerate
  • NEW: Support for omitting symbol in \left or \right using dot char
  • NEW: Ability to combine font styles (bfseries, itshape, etc.)
  • NEW: Added math fonts functions (mathbb, mathrm, mathcal, etc.)
  • NEW: Added overridable symbol type macros (mathord, mathbin, etc.)
  • NEW: Added more limit operator (det, min, max, Pr, etc.)
  • NEW: Added cfrac (continous fraction), smallmatrix, binom (latex \choose)
  • NEW: Added limit overrides (ie. limits and nolimits option) for big operators
  • NEW: Added raisebox and kern commands, also enabling macros like \TeX and \LaTeX
  • NEW: Support for normalfont, setlength, vcenter and vtop command
  • NEW: Support for flexible column and double border style in tabular mode
  • CHANGE: Upper greek in math mode is set upright (was slanted)
  • CHANGE: Auto delimiters now aligned properly with baseline
  • CHANGE: Synchronized “pt” definition across configuration
  • CHANGE: Moderate display adjustment for big operator, scripts, fraction
  • CHANGE: Glue spaces now using specified thin, medium, thick space
  • CHANGE: Added paragraph space after block math or tabular
  • FIX: TEXDraw layout not updating after window resizing
  • FIX: Added lead offset for integral symbols
  • FIX: Accent followed by whitespace is not discarded
  • FIX: Can’t do justify when breaking words with hyphen
  • FIX: Properly implement cramped mode in fractions
  • FIX: Fraction styling is not applied with \over command
  • FIX: TEXDraw 3D wasn’t cleaning old render properly
  • FIX: Removed extra space in paragraphs for too-wide tabular column bugfix
  • FIX: Rare macros layoutcontent append bug with delimiters
  • FIX: Broken some symbol definitions (langle, lvert, etc.)

5.6 - Oct 26, 2021:

SUMMARY: Unicode Auto Converter

  • NEW: Automatically recognize Unicode to appropriate latex symbols
  • NEW: Add an option to disable Unicode recognition (enabled by default for opens)
  • NEW: Complete support for LaTeX based accents
  • NEW: i and j with accents is substituted with dotless i or j
  • CHANGE: Math Functions is now assumed as an operator (adding extra spaces)
  • FIX: Greater than, Less than, Underscore symbol fix in text mode
  • FIX: Set arrow symbols as relations (from operators)
  • FIX: Removed extra space when using empty base scripts
  • FIX: Compress iconic on build

5.5 - Aug 27, 2021:

SUMMARY: Consistency improvements

  • NEW: Improved consistency for flexible width/height for layout
  • NEW: Ability to breaks word with a hyphen (- or -)
  • NEW: Torture test scene (for compatibility with other LaTeX interpreters)
  • NEW: Help URL link in inspector now leads to the documentation page
  • CHANGE: Use DownScale overflow mode to preserve aspect ratio with CSF
  • CHANGE: Negate atom uses negated symbol now for correct display (eg. \neq)
  • FIX: NullException error on an incomplete root
  • FIX: Incorrect vertical center of fraction
  • FIX: Rendering update call inconsistency in the editor
  • FIX: Improved TMP rendering with proper padding
  • FIX: Atom glues is now properly set with their respective types

5.4 - Jun 29, 2021:

SUMMARY: Performance impovements and bugfixes

  • NEW: Improved loading performance by reusing shared parser instance across runtime
  • NEW: Improved documentation
  • FIX: Incorrect fit scaling offset
  • FIX: Inconsistencies in TEXConfiguration due to canvas.ScaleFactor
  • FIX: Corrected Glue editor and line median default
  • FIX: AssetImporter namespace change for Unity 2020.2+

5.3 - Mar 25, 2021:

SUMMARY: Update to introduce overflow modes

  • NEW: Four modes of overflow modes (hidden, visible, downscale, best fit)
  • NEW: Hidden overflow mode now able to crop automatically without RectMask2D
  • FIX: Spamming errors due to Invalid RectTransform
  • FIX: Exceptions due to corner cases in TEXInput

5.2 - Feb 5, 2021:

SUMMARY: No new features but important bugfixes

  • NEW: minipage enviroment
  • FIX: Updated scene examples
  • FIX: SDF Importing errors due to recent changes with TMP (don’t forget to update your TMP!)
  • FIX: Slow rendering due to excess garbage collection
  • FIX: Incorrect delimiter extension calculation (was extending too much)
  • FIX: Smarter Word lookup (\right lookup was incorrectly matches ex. \rightmoon)

5.1 - Nov 15, 2020:

SUMMARY: Fixes couple of new features (primarily in table) that was unfinished during 5.0 work

  • NEW: Table lines (currently only support basic/uniform, not partial line)
  • NEW: Can adjust table cell width and make it word-wrappable
  • NEW: Heavily improved TEXInput behaviour (still need more improvement)
  • CHANGE: Default TEXDraw font size increased from 16 to 36
  • CHANGE: All blank space in math mode now ignored (conforms latex behavior)
  • CHANGE: Removed escape input/navigation config in TEXInput
  • FIX: Corrected excess line height when on script mode
  • FIX: Glue padding in most math expression now has been corrected
  • FIX: Typescript mode was not working due to incorrect font variant order in config
  • FIX: Improved TEXDraw engine handling corner cases input

5.0.2 - Oct 2, 2020:

Add Open Sans and fixed compiling issues with 2020.x

5.0.1 - July 16, 2020:

Fixed Importing and Rendering Issues with TextMeshPro

5.0 - July 10, 2020:

SUMMARY: This is a major version upgrade with engine code restarted from stratch. A lot stuff breaks with previous version, please make backups and read the documentation for upgrade steps.

Because this is a very long and overdue changes (over two years!), we split this release note into two sections:

Changes to the product:

  • NEW: Unity 2019 LTS and SRP Support (HDRP and URP)
  • NEW: TEXScroll for built-in scroll interactivity
  • NEW: Padding and scroll area parameter in TEXDraw component
  • NEW: Added more 16 font variants (mostly new font style combinations)
  • NEW: Web based documentation (and dropping PDF-based documentation)
  • NEW: TEXDraw now auto-clips out-of-bound quads (saving rendering time)
  • NEW: New syntaxes that mostly compatible with LaTeX in other softwares
  • NEW: Command aliases and macros in TEXConfiguration for easy extension
  • NEW: Better debugging features (available when activating TEXDRAW_DEBUG)
  • CHANGE: Relocated to Plugins directory
  • CHANGE: Updated minimum version to Unity 2019.3
  • CHANGE: Major adjustments on how TEXInput works
  • CHANGE: Dropped support for .NET 3.5
  • CHANGE: Dropped custom shaders (might restored later)
  • CHANGE: Dropped support for RTL and NGUI (might restored later)
  • CHANGE: Dropped font limit (was 31); it’s now unlimited virtually
  • CHANGE: Dropped TEX Supplements and Vertex Modifers (might restored later)
  • CHANGE: Dropped support for auto highlighting editor (might restored later)
  • CHANGE: Dropped support for auto-fit modes (might be restored later)
  • CHANGE: Dropped support for auto-wrap modes (use built-in UI components instead)
  • CHANGE: Dropped support for auto-fill modes (as vertex modifiers has been dropped)
  • CHANGE: Dropped material management (no longer needs as no need custom shaders)
  • CHANGE: Dropped second symbol name for characters (in favor of new symbol aliases)
  • CHANGE: All parameters in TEXConfiguration has been relocated and renamed
  • CHANGE: Separating non-essential built-in fonts to Fonts/Extras folder (it’s safe to delete them)
  • FIX: TextMeshPro Support for latest version
  • FIX: Cropped character selections in TEXPreference Editor
  • FIX: Some updates to example scenes; Might feel different than previous version
  • FIX: Some operation like undo or save shortcut is not working inside TEXDraw text editor

Changes to the syntax and its features:

  • NEW: Ligatures support in text mode
  • NEW: TeX comments using percent (%) or comment env
  • NEW: Environment blocks, begin and ends with \begin{env}…\end{env}
  • NEW: Built-in numbering and bullets using enumerate and itemize envs
  • NEW: Built-in tabular env with column aligment and macros
  • NEW: Use pair of $ for inline math mode and $$ for block math mode
  • NEW: Use \ for soft line break and \par for forcing new paragraph
  • NEW: Font size aliases, namely from \tiny, \small until \HUGE
  • NEW: Use \over for \frac without separate braces, e.g. {2\over3}
  • NEW: Built-in raw syntax mode using \verb and \begin{code} envs
  • NEW: Support for string processors (\uppercase, \lowercase, \roman etc.)
  • NEW: Supported environments include math, code, tabular, itemize, matrix, etc.
  • NEW: Support for manual adapting delimiter sizes using \big, \bigg, \Bigg, etc.
  • NEW: Support for aligning math syntax over multiple lines using \begin{align*} env
  • NEW: Support for unit metrics (pt, px, em, mm, etc. available for \size, \hbox, etc.)
  • NEW: Support for counter atoms (\the, \advance, \count etc.) used internally for enumerate env
  • NEW: \hbox, \hss, \hfil, \hfill and their vertical variants (this replaces \hold previously)
  • CHANGE: New text mode is used as the default mode
  • CHANGE: Dropped generic roots (might restored later)
  • CHANGE: Consecutive blank spaces is assumed as single space
  • CHANGE: Consecutive blank lines is assumed as separate paragrah
  • CHANGE: Dropped \clr and \mclr, use \color with braces instead
  • CHANGE: Renamed \over and \under to \overline and \underline
  • CHANGE: Use \ for matrix/table new row, rather than , previously
  • CHANGE: Big operators and \lim now use different style when using inline math
  • CHANGE: Use \raggedleft, \raggedright and \centering as a way to change aligment
  • CHANGE: Unknown command now discarded or invisible instead of treated as math functions
  • CHANGE: Dropped line shift using \size with braces (also it’s now alias to \fontsize)
  • CHANGE: Dropped \meta, \trs, \hold, \border, \bg as is was unstandard (might restored later)
  • CHANGE: Dropped \table and \matrix, use \begin{tabular} and \begin{matrix} envs respectively
  • CHANGE: Dropped Auto adapting delimiter sizes, explicitly use \left and \right instead

4.4 - June 18, 2018:

New feature includes TEXInput allows user to edit TEXDraw in runtime. Also added more Scripting API and bugfixes to ease TEXDraw integration.

  • NEW Use double braces in TEXInput to lock/prevent modifications for specific syntax
  • NEW Support for Unity UI RectMask2D
  • FIX Improved TEXInput regex bracket matching
  • FIX Incorrect color cache invalidation
  • FIX Improved Editor material validation wording
  • FIX Threading issue when enabling TMP Integration

4.3 - March 31, 2018: The New Input System

SUMMARY: New feature TEXInput allows user to edit TEXDraw in runtime. Also added more Scripting API and bugfixes to ease TEXDraw integration.

  • NEW TEXInput to allow users edit and input expressions in runtime
  • NEW TEXInputCursor + TEXInputLogger (additional components accompanying TEXInput)
  • NEW Sample scene for TEXInput demonstration
  • NEW \vlink to create links without input box margin
  • NEW FillHelper.ReadMesh + DrawingParams.GetAreaXXX()
  • NEW “Copy Raw Syntax” dropdown button in TEXDraw and TEXDraw 3D
  • NEW \meta[font=xxx] where xxx is font name (was only allowed as font index)
  • CHANGE \meta[] short tokens are deprecated
  • CHANGE \hold without specifying minimum size will no longer recenter the expression inside
  • CHANGE TEXDRAW_PROFILE renamed to TEXDRAW_DEBUG and more debug-only features covered behind the flag
  • FIX \<fontid> without style throws IndexOutOfRangeException
  • FIX empty {} creates an extra whitespace (TEXInput)
  • FIX Character kerning get lost if wrapped in specific attributes
  • FIX \meta[font=xxx] is not working properly
  • FIX TEXLink didn’t listening to UI RaycastTarget
  • FIX EditorTEXFontSwapper throw null errors
  • FIX Visual Studio can’t debug nor compile because of TEXDraw code
  • FIX Compiler error on Build and TEXDRAW_TMP (v4.2 regression)

4.2 - March 7, 2018: Extension got Extended

SUMMARY: Fixes bugs appearing in supplements and former examples. Now it’s possible to type Rich Tag (HTML) and Markdown in TEXDraw.

  • NEW TexSupTranslator to transpile Basic HTML + Markdown into LaTeX.
  • NEW Example scene for demonstrating HTML and Markdown syntax in TEXDraw
  • NEW Set a custom cursor when mouse hovering a link in TEXLink
  • NEW Showcase example now navigatable in gameplay using arrow keys
  • CHANGE Braces {} without commands will group the text (hence prevent wrapping)
  • CHANGE Math number is now set back as cmr (was using cmmi)
  • CHANGE \ulink now removes its additional margin for underline
  • FIX Incosistent wrapping using \size and \style in particular cases
  • FIX Missing normal + tangents when using Surface Shaders
  • FIX Missing DontSave flags for generated mesh in TEXDraw 3D
  • FIX Remove Skies on example scenes
  • FIX Tooltips on TEXLink inspector
  • FIX Errors in TEXSupTransformFill
  • FIX Outdated NGUI Shaders and Scroll View

4.1 - February 3, 2018: Bugfixes

SUMMARY: The code that handles layout is more readable and it’s possible to make more consistent line height across components.

  • NEW Set minimum height and depth in each line via TEXConfiguration
  • CHANGE Deprecate individual space size in favor to line space metric in TEXConfiguration
  • FIX Text don’t wrap (again) if wrapped inside \font, \math, \size, \style, \color
  • FIX NullReferenceException in \hold and scripts with empty parameters
  • FIX Sprites with unknown char will have warning instead of throwing error to console.
  • FIX Editor character map don’t clamp on navigation via keyboard

4.0 - January 1, 2018: Negative Code

SUMMARY: This version aims to increase the readability of TEXDraw codebase by removing old code and logics. This results in improvements in many areas including build size and performance.

  • NEW \style[] to change font bold/italic styling
  • NEW \border[] to add box border (can be customized)
  • NEW ‘Automatic’ TMP and NGUI integration, with single click
  • CHANGE Sprites now must be imported with unity’s multisprite editor
  • CHANGE Minimum unity version leveled up from 5.2.1 to 5.6.0p3
  • CHANGE UV2 moved to UV3 and Tangents moved to UV2
  • CHANGE Font metadata now implented as different inheritance based on asset type
  • CHANGE TEXPreference.main is a field (loaded eagerly by TEXDraw components)
  • CHANGE XML data is removed
  • CHANGE Removed Emit logic/speedhack (unreliable)
  • CHANGE TexSupFixTMP and TexSupTransformFollow is obsoleted (now handled automatically)
  • FIX Removed unnecessary heavy payload in TEXDraw metadata on build
  • FIX Corrupt graphics because transformation of tangents
  • FIX Code cleanup (over +2500 lines of code get stripped)
  • FIX Faster font metadata rebuild
  • FIX NGUI shaders not included in build
  • FIX Shader warning at import for 5.6 and up

3.8 - June 17, 2017: Easebility

  • NEW TexSupTranslator to translate different popular text syntaxes!
  • NEW \size[] for reset scale to absolute 1
  • NEW \sqrt for \root equivalent
  • CHANGE Documentation is split to two: Manual \& Reference
  • CHANGE New syntax \& fix issues for importing custom characters
  • FIX 5.6 Compiler error with TMP integration
  • FIX \nfrac now have consistent margins with FractionGapNoLine
  • FIX Issue of Reversed wrapping justified with best fit.
  • FIX TexSupLinkAsLayouter doesn’t scale with canvas.scaleFactor
  • FIX Improvements in RTL Bidirectional Detection

3.7 - May 10, 2017: Another urgent fixes

  • NEW \meta’s new wrap parameter
  • FIX Rebuilding font doesn’t reupdate its font index
  • FIX NGUI depth issue and update to recent version
  • FIX font eufm is not listed in font stack at import
  • FIX several improvements in TEXSupLinkAsLayouter
  • FIX now TEXSupLinkAsLayouter, TEXSupTransformFollow, TEXSupRTLSupport, TEXSupDepthEffect is marked as stable

3.6 - May 4, 2017: Rolling for Unity 5.6

  • NEW TEXSupLinkAsLayouter for bind UI transforms to given links
  • NEW \hold[x,y] for fixed size in both width and height
  • NEW Major performance improvement in post-effects for 5.6 using new Mesh.Get API
  • NEW orientation marker with \rtl and \ltr. Only used when Bidirectional RTL is enabled.
  • CHANGE Now users will warned to add TexSupTransformFollow if they rotate TEXDraw UI without tangent fixer in editor
  • CHANGE TEXDraw’s custom material editor will no longer appear in 5.6 because the inspector have do it already
  • FIX Compability issue for Unity 5.6 and 2017.1 beta
  • FIX In 5.6, set canvas AdditionalShaderChannels automatically when using TEXDraw
  • FIX Rotation fixer of TexSupTransformFollow now calculate correctly when canvas is set to world and rotated
  • FIX Bidirectional RTL is now completed and can parse expression correctly

3.5 - April 22, 2017: Stability bugfixes

  • NEW Repolished example (demo) scene
  • NEW Use triple scripts ^^^ or ___ for smaller over/underscript
  • NEW \bg or \vbg for drawing background colors below given expression
  • NEW Exposed debugging tools available in TexConfiguration
  • FIX missing symbol \angle and others in both config and XML
  • FIX Bidirectional RTL feature isn’t smart enough
  • FIX Regex issue with TexSupNewLine
  • FIX \vhold now can extend on fixed height correctly

3.4 - March 30, 2017: RTL \& Samples Development

  • NEW RTL support as an supplement with Arabic and Persian support from external code source.
  • NEW Reversed wrapping modes for RTL text (this is optional, so need to be toggled on first on menus).
  • NEW Few example scenes with some improvements
  • NEW Benchmark tool now measures supplement and posteffects too
  • NEW TexSupTransformFollow contains fix for UI rotation glitches
  • NEW TexConfiguration for a new and consistent way to save and adjust configurations
  • NEW TEXDraw editor accepts Tab characters, though requires supplement to make it work properly
  • NEW Menu toggles for more ease to integrate with other assets
  • NEW Up to 25\% boxing speed improvement for Non-AOT platfroms (credit to FastReflector by vexe)
  • CHANGE Added and changed some options in TexConfiguration compared from the old one.
  • CHANGE Editor changes made in TEXPreference editor for more readable code and layout
  • CHANGE Restoring a missing change from V3.0 (Color console palette)
  • CHANGE \text now support styling and now follows the font which choosed in the component instead
  • CHANGE scripted \hold with big-operator now no longer change to under-overscript for consistency
  • CHANGE Parser now ignore \r char so CRLF characters won’t print an unwanted blank space
  • FIX Justify with right-aligned text is misaligned
  • FIX TEXPreference can’t be fully recovered when accidentally deleted/corrupt
  • FIX Aspect ratio was ignored when previewing characters in preference
  • FIX MeshEffect spamming error in console when saved inside of prefab
  • FIX Unnecessary usings and files in source (good for VSCode users)
  • FIX Editor of supplements isn’t available for multiple edit
  • FIX API updater is triggered when imported to Unity +5.5

3.3 - March 16, 2017: Supplement Upgrade

  • NEW A new example scene for keeping formulas in the game
  • NEW Reset button in preference context menu (suitable if you really stuck in a problem)
  • NEW Editor and additional notes for each supplement
  • NEW Editor toggle for showing supplement info, optionally (show is default)
  • NEW TEXSupDepthEffect for giving a depth effect for 3D Based UI
  • NEW TEXSupTrimSpaces for cleaning unneeded spaces in each paragraph
  • NEW (Undocumented yet) Modifiable template for creating TEXDraw objects (can be accessed via menu)
  • FIX Dirty isn’t flagged at import which result in Font meta data won’t be saved
  • FIX Dirty isn’t flagged at editor change which result in Font meta data won’t be saved
  • FIX (Only in editor) Shadow \& Other built-in UI effect is not picked up automatically
  • FIX console errors isn’t readable enough
  • FIX Possible error on internal part of SerializedDictionary

3.2 – Feb 18, 2017: Demo Released

  • NEW Demo (Windows build) is released for asset demonstration
  • CHANGE Integral over/underscript now aligned automatically
  • CHANGE Script without base will be right-aligned (useful for script-before-base cases)
  • FIX Infinite stack overflow when backslash typed after scripts
  • FIX ‘Iconic’ asset compression setting

3.1 - Feb 2, 2017: Bug Sweeping

  • NEW Basic Editor for TEXFont arbitrary assets
  • NEW Extra editor info for font import setup
  • CHANGE Importer will throw warn in console, if ‘-Regular’ is used in font name
  • FIX Delimiter is not growing in particular cases
  • FIX Updated NGUI Scripts \& Mask Shaders
  • FIX Build compilation exception \& warning
  • FIX EOL consistency issue in script
  • FIX Preference will marked as ‘dirty’ after reimporting fonts.

3.0 – Dec 31, 2016: Repolished API

  • NEW Built-in TextMeshPro Integration
  • NEW Built-in SDF Importer and Shader for TMP Integration
  • NEW \meta command to apply paragraph-wide styling setting
  • NEW Rootsign of \root can be changed
  • NEW \hold command to reserve a fixed amount of space
  • NEW \trs and \mtrs to apply 3D transformation on character
  • NEW Best Fit mode in Autofit
  • NEW Local Continous and World Continus in Autofill Options
  • NEW 7 Additional supplements in package
  • NEW TEXDraw 3D accepts Rect Transform
  • NEW TEXDraw Menu items in Tools/TEXDraw
  • NEW Customizable character sets
  • NEW Benchmark tool, Font Swapper tool, and many else
  • NEW Material Assistant for quick management of different Materials
  • NEW Rebuild material now automatically choose best samples if available
  • CHANGE Improved TexDrawPerCharacterBase regex filter
  • CHANGE UV2 and tangents data is swapped for consistency
  • CHANGE Redefinition of \clr console color choices for consistency
  • CHANGE Deprecation of XML Data, through it is still supported to read from
  • CHANGE FontData now separated from Preference for data consistency
  • CHANGE TEXDraw no longer checks for UI mesh effect every rebuild time
  • CHANGE TEXDraw Preference now saved in Resource
  • CHANGE Improved TEXDraw 3D Editor
  • CHANGE Tables now only add outer border if necessary
  • CHANGE Renamed ‘4 Passes’ to ‘Full’, and ‘X Passes’ to ‘X Samples’
  • CHANGE Fonts that have incompatible character will be ignored
  • CHANGE Font texture will resized if rescaled to keep it crisp on screen
  • FIX Unity 5.6 Compatibility
  • FIX TEXDraw 3D double render issue in some frequent cases
  • FIX Delimiters now can consistently grow bigger if necessary
  • FIX Scripts now consistent with unbraced expressions
  • FIX Accents now only wrap more than a character if it braced
  • FIX Preference now do null checks before previewing fonts
  • FIX Small performance improvement on rebuild time

2.7 – Oct 1, 2016: Improved Editor \& API

  • NEW TEXDrawSupplement API to modify text similar to UI effects
  • NEW 4 Built-in Supplements component
  • NEW Editor Highlight system for text property
  • NEW \size[.] will decrease font size into scripts level
  • CHANGE Splitting of parser script for ease of customization
  • CHANGE Debug Information now hiding if there is no problem
  • CHANGE One hex letter \color code now follows modified 4-bit colorful index
  • CHANGE Vertical delimiter now be rotated if used as horizontal delimiter
  • CHANGE font size texture is limited to 1024, prevent memory crashes
  • FIX Eliminating use of System.Linq for all runtime scripts
  • FIX Optimized Parser, minimum usage for StringBuilder
  • FIX Nested script no longer need to braced separately
  • FIX Editor improvements for NGUI extension
  • FIX Unity 5.5 compatibility
  • FIX \color glitch when resizing UI
  • FIX symbol definition for \angle
  • FIX Horizontal Extension’s width shows less than actual requirement
  • FIX Preference font preview sometimes not match with inspected font

2.6 – Aug 8, 2016: Parser Stability

  • NEW Parser now more tolerant to incomplete typos
  • NEW Braces after commands is now optional
  • NEW Font styling (Bold/Italic) included in custom font tags (\font)
  • NEW Accents can hold by more than one character
  • NEW Bump Lit shader
  • NEW Support for Horizontal Extension
  • NEW \math for turning off modified custom font tag
  • NEW offset control for \size
  • NEW Showcase example scene
  • NEW Added (Bonus) Editor pool check for checking pooled resources
  • CHANGE 2 user fonts now changed into more useful one
  • CHANGE behavior when imports configuration in XML files (and upgrading process)
  • CHANGE \not now have a very extensive customization
  • CHANGE Characters now used pixel-perfect font size according to their actual size
  • CHANGE Shader now wrapped in one .cginc file, improves shader readability
  • FIX Faster and less GC overhead when parsing string
  • FIX NGUI Extension Glitch ‘IM HIT’
  • FIX \text and \font doesn’t parsing backslashes
  • FIX radical top line floats in incorrect position
  • FIX issue with Unicode characters
  • FIX \font and \color isn’t able to wrap
  • FIX nested delimiter doesn’t expand it’s height
  • FIX Unicode characters still do incorrect glyph sizes
  • FIX Unicode not working in inside \font block
  • FIX Progress bar doesn’t update when Preference imports
  • NEW Official support for NGUI, included as an external .unitypackage file
  • NEW UV3 filling, unlocking many shader features and variants
  • NEW Gradient and Texture overlay shader for TEXDraw
  • NEW TEXLink component, put links over TEXDraw!
  • NEW Underline and overlined text style
  • NEW Color command variants (\clr and \mclr)
  • NEW \size command for having variant in sizes.
  • CHANGE Improved autofit mode
  • CHANGE straight lines now rendered last
  • CHANGE shader paths now detached from GUI..
  • CHANGE Latin symbol now follow their override font, not the default math rule.
  • FIX (critical): incorrect glyph sizes on large characters
  • FIX Improved performance, only few bytes GC inprints on repaint.
  • FIX Pixel-perfect behaviour for UI
  • FIX Pathfinding of Preference is now automated
  • FIX Compatibility for Webplayer

2.4 – Jun 20, 2016: Sprite Import

  • NEW Import sprites as grid-based characters
  • NEW HTML names for \color
  • NEW more scene example and improved stress test scene.
  • CHANGE Shaders now split into 4 passes
  • CHANGE Increasing font limit from 15 to 31 fonts.
  • CHANGE Tabbed Symbols tab on preference
  • CHANGE Removal of Shadow lit
  • FIX Improved Performance, more less GC overhead at render.

2.3 – Apr 20, 2016: Performance Upgrade

  • NEW Autowrap and Justify alignment
  • NEW Stress Test example scene
  • NEW Font Index selection in Components
  • CHANGE API now using Resource Pooling
  • FIX Performance problem with Garbage Collector

2.2 – Apr 13, 2016: Unicodes

  • NEW Unicode Support
  • NEW \color command for custom text colors.
  • FIX (critical): Imported fonts showing only white boxes.
  • FIX Mobile Shader now using two passes instead of one

2.1 – Apr 4, 2016: Compabilities

  • NEW TEXDraw Lit Shader (with Shadows)
  • FIX Shader Compilation for PS 3.0/4.0 and Mobile
  • FIX Problem in UI Layout and their Functionality
  • FIX Unity 5.3 Compability

2.0 – Mar 29, 2016: Package Rewrite

  • NEW 15 fonts data included in Package
  • NEW Symbols catalog is increased with total of +600 symbols
  • NEW TEXDraw Preference Editor
  • NEW Dynamic Global Preference
  • NEW Ability to change/import custom Fonts
  • NEW Expandable Delimiters (previously just scale the character)
  • NEW Accent support
  • NEW Lines above characters (aka. Negations)
  • NEW TEXDraw 3D Component
  • CHANGE Internal scripts now released from DLL
  • CHANGE Assets now released from Resources
  • CHANGE Rewriting of Documentation
  • CHANGE Spaces now used instead of \w
  • FIX Unity 5.4 Compatibility
  • FIX Support for UI Effects
  • FIX Assets now loading much faster (serialized on build)

1.0 – Jan 9, 2016: First Release

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --/\-        -/\-- |      ------   /------
.      **     **      *  **        *                          *       -   \--    --/   - |      |    |  -      |
._____________________________________   **      *      **            /     \    /     \ |      |    | |   ||  /
.|^^^||^^^|^| |^^^^^|^\ \   // |  ___ \    _       _       ^       ^  \  \   \--/   /  / |      |    |  \  _  |
.|   ||   | | |     |  \ \ //  | |   \ \ _____   ____/|   __    _  ___ \              /  |      |    |  |     |
.    ||     | |--|      \ \/   | |   | |/  __ | /     |  /  \  / / \ | \     *        /  |      |    |  |     /
.    ||     | |--|       \ \   | |   | |  /  ||/  /|  | /// /  / / / |  \     *      /|  |      |    |  |    |
.    ||     | |     |   //\ \  | |___/ / /   ///  |/  |// \ \_/  /_/ /   \    *     / |  |      |    |   \   |
.  __||__  _| |____ |  //  \ \ |      /| |   ^ /   // //   \        /     \        /  | .\------/.   |   |   /
.  ^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^|^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^/  ^^     /__/  \/     ^^/^\--/       \______/   |              |   |/--
.                                                      **                   -    -    |   \/\/\/\    |   - +++
.            *   **    **        *   **        *             *  *            ----     |              /    +   +
*************************************************************************************  \------------/      ++++

Thank you for choosing TEXDraw!